Our Purpose


EagleTD is focused on one compelling Purpose: To provide educational services, training workshops, and innovative conferences that improve human performance.  Our expertise fills the void left by traditional “one size fits all” programs.  While many providers offer a generic approach to training, we are different.  Our years of experience position us to understand, build, and deliver targeted educational solutions. 

About Eagle TD

Meet The Team

Our Values


EagleTD recognizes that values matter!  Before investing precious time and resources to engage in training and development solutions, we understand that compatibility is important to our customers.  To that end, we are proud to share the values that are central to who we are and all we do.  We trust they align with your values too!

John Martin



John has worked over 45 years in the automotive aftermarket with industry experience in sales, technical training, business development, distribution management, and curriculum design and delivery.  During his career with PPG Industries, he completed a BS in Human Resource Management and a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership from Geneva College. 

1. Act with Honesty & Integrity in All We Do
2. Deliver Exceptional Value for Our Customers
3. Build Lasting Interpersonal Relationships
4. Maintain a Spirit of Humility

Shirley Martin

 Vice President


Shirley has 35 plus years of experience in the real-estate and insurance industries.  She joined John in founding EagleTD  in 2012 and is a true partner in every sense of the word.  Shirley has a diverse background in bookkeeping, accounting, and customer service.  She provides oversight of the day-to-day management of the company. 

Our History


EagleTD was founded by John Martin in 2012.  After a career spanning 23 years with PPG Industries, John launched EagleTD to provide affordable training and development solutions for small to midsized organizations.  Prior to launching EagleTD, John’s experience included: (1) Retail and Wholesale Sales, (2) Business Development, (3) Technical Training, (4) Soft-Skills Training, (5) Business Management, and (6) Industry Conferences.  EagleTD is positioned to work closely with owners and managers to maximize organizational performance.